Features: Asian Jewish Life feature stories cover a wide and diverse range of topics. The features have content that is connected to both Jewish and Asian themes. Topics in the premier issue include a reflection, from a Jewish perspective, on the earthquake in Sichuan and a look at how Japan is using lessons from the Holocaust to educate the new generation. Features run between 1000-1600 words.

Best of Asian Jewish Life: This is the spotlight piece in each issue. It focuses on a charity with regional and Jewish ties. In the case of the premier issue, AJL highlighted the work of Save a Child’s Heart. This inspiring organization is based in Israel and the article particularly focused on the work they do in the region. Best of Asian Jewish Life runs about 1600 words with photographs. If you have a charity that you would like to see profiled, please email

Artist Profiles: The artist profiles feature graphic artists, musicians, writers, performing artists and photographers. These pieces are in-depth looks at the artist’s body of work. The artists in AJL are Jewish and have some regional tie. Their work does not necessarily need to be Asian themed.

Spirit: An essay that deals with some aspect of spirituality. These can be general, tied to a Festival, or in the case of
Kneading Light- a retrospective on the attack on Mumbai, they may be tied to a specific event. Spirit should run between 800-900 words. 

Viewpoint: These are opinion pieces. They are carefully developed and well reasoned observations and opinions. They can be political or social commentaries. Again, there must be both a Jewish and an Asian link. These pieces may vary anywhere between 800-1400 words.

Book Reviews: Two books will be reviewed per issue.  

Poetry: We are looking for original poetry. The subject matter does not have to be Asian themed.

Writer's Desk: Writer's Desk contributions are original memoir-type pieces. Fiction is also welcome. These vary in length and can be up to 1500 words.

Expat Diary: This is a well written personal piece from someone living in the region. There needs to be a focus in the article on some aspect of Jewish life in Asia. These pieces run between 600-800 words.

Travel: The travel pieces are similar to the Expat Diary pieces but written from the perspective of someone who is ‘just passing through.’ These are personal pieces, not travel information or reviews.

Film Reviews: In future issues, AJL will review films. There will be a focus on films that tie in Asian and Jewish connections.

For more information on submitting your work to Asian Jewish Life, please email
We generally will not accept previously published work.
We do not return submissions but will let contributors know in a timely manner if their work has been selected for publication.

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