Mending Hearts...Building Bridges
A close look at 'Save A Child’s Heart'
by Jana Daniels

Lyka Edna Masgay is a healthy little girl living in the Philippines.  One year ago, this did not seem possible.  While some insist that it was merely the hands of skilled surgeons that saved her life, others understand it was Save a Child’s Heart’s belief in the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam that motivated this remarkable team of dedicated surgeons, paediatricians, nurses, transport teams, donors and volunteers to assume collective responsibility for the lives of children, like Lyka, around the world. […] [read online...]

Ambassador of Vietnamese Lacquer Art: Artist Profile of Nava Levy
by Amy A. Har-Even

The first thing you notice about Nava Levy’s Hong Kong apartment is its sweeping panoramic view of the city’s famous skyline; thousands of buildings sprawl as far as the eye can see. . The second thing you notice is the collection of vibrant artwork that punctuates the walls, in warm and colorful contrast to the sea of gray metal and glass outside. With vibrant red hair and a warm smile, Ms. Levy emits the same welcoming feel her paintings do;
[…] [read online...]

Why Japan Will Never Forget
by Jayne Kim Schrantz

The story of Hana Brady’s suitcase and its journey from World War II Auschwitz to contemporary Japan testifies to the profound depth and tenacity of the human spirit. Fumiko Ishioka, the woman responsible for bringing Hana’s story to light, recently visited Hong Kong for the Asian premiere of Inside Hana’s Suitcase at the 2009 Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival.

The story of Hana Brady begins in Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia,[…] [read online...]

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